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DryPro is the only cast cover with a vacuum seal – So it’s the only one that ensures your arm remains 100% dry.

No other product on the market gives you the DryPro vacuum seal technology, ensuring a completely airtight fit, so good it can’t even be pulled off your arm.

With a DryPro, you can relax while taking a long soak in the bath, enjoy your regular shower, take your usual swim in the pool or like so many of our customers, save your Summer holidays.

The DryPro Waterproof Cast Cover is the American made global market leader and has been trusted all over the world for more than 20 years. Our patented vacuum seal ensures that not a drop of water gets in and your cast or bandage stays completely dry.

Available in many sizes, to suit both kids and adults, the DryPro waterproof cast cover is made from durable, surgical grade rubber that will not rip or tear.

Easy to put on and easy to take off again, DryPro lets you maintain your usual routine safe in the knowledge that your cast, bandage or dressing will remain completely dry and alleviates the fear of a return hospital visit, which can so often happen with other brands.

Using the detachable hand held pump, you pump the air out and the vacuum seal is so safe that you can submerge your arm completely without any risk, you can even swim in the pool or jump in the sea.

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Measure the circumference of the arm or leg right above the cast. (If the end of the cast is very near the elbow, measure mid bicep or mid thigh).

Do not measure around the cast! Measure around the skin.


Measure from the tip of the middle finger (or the bottom of the heel) to the top of the cast. It is ok if the cast protector measurement is longer than the limb measurement, the protector will still work. Extra length will be removed when the vacuum seal is created.

According to the measurements you entered, we recommend:
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Arm Cast Cover Arm Circumference (cm) Arm Length (cm)
Small Half Arm (HA-13) 20 – 25 44
Large Half Arm (HA-15) 25 + 50
X – Small Full Arm (FA-12) 15 – 17 40
Small Full Arm (FA-14) 17 – 22 58
Medium Full Arm (FA-16) 22 – 25 71
Large Full Arm (FA-18) 25 + 80

41 reviews for Arm Covers

  1. Joan Walsh (verified owner)

    Bought a half arm cover in large for a 50 year old ,the cover went above his elbow and kept his cast on his hand completely dry. Used it for over a week in the pool on holidays and it was perfect. Completely worth the money ,makes a perfect seal in your skin when you use the attachment to suck the air out.

  2. Inagh Mcevoy (verified owner)

    Super product, received it in the post the day we were going to center Parcs, covered my son’s cast, he never missed out on a thing, 100% waterproof, saved our trip, couldn’t recommend it highly enough

  3. Ger Reynolds (verified owner)

    My 8 year old broke his wrist and missed swimming and going to beach. . This product is excellent. Keeps out sand and water. Would highly recommend.

  4. Dermot (verified owner)

    I do not write reviews but felt compelled to do so in this case. My son broke his arm and the first thing out of he said was i am not getting a cast as he like swimming so much. Unfortunately he had to get a cast but thanks to this product he has had a full holiday experience. This product has been tested in “extreme” circumstances and has always worked perfectly. This product has had a profound physical and psychologic benefit to my son.
    Many thanks to all at drypro

  5. Sarah Jane (verified owner)

    Absolutely unreal! My daughter broke her wrist 4 days before we were due to go on holidays. This saved the day. She was able to enjoy the pool with her cousins and it was so easy to use. Would have no hesitation recommending this to anyone. Thank you

  6. Tracy (verified owner)

    Fantastic product and great customer service. Would highly recommend to everyone. Total holiday saver!!

  7. Ed O’Leary (verified owner)

    I broke my arm in 3 places and have a full arm cast bent at a 90% angle. Found it difficult to get the cover on initially but ended up cutting about 3 inches off the top – more than recommended and it fit much easier and still remained waterproof. Great product and would highly recommend

  8. Noreen (verified owner)

    Fantastic product, works perfectly! I will be recommending this to all my patients. Just wish I’d found it sooner

  9. brian harris

    fantastic product, my son dislocated his thumb and ended up in a case 2 days before we were due to go on holidays, Drypro meant we didn’t miss a minute in the pool, my son is only 7 and didnt mind wearing the Drypro, I hope I dont need it again but would highly recommend.

  10. Chris (verified owner)

    The Dry-Pro worked perfectly. We used it for our daughter in the swimming pool while on holidays, it was great that she was able to go swimming. Excellent product

  11. Phil Bourke (verified owner)

    My 5 year old broke her arm just at her elbow in hard cast for summer but with Dry Pro she can still enjoy our holidays in the swimming pool for hours and cast comes out dry. Great product high quality thoroughly recommend it!

  12. Larry (verified owner)

    The DryPro Full Arm product saved my Holiday.
    My 7 year old broke his arm 1 week before our Holiday and still managed to enjoy all the water activities. Great product with Great service from the backroom team.

  13. Geert (verified owner)

    Fabulous. My teenage son broke his arm and went on a camp called “Aquasplash”. Thanks to DryPro he was able to participate at all the activities and had a lot of fun.

  14. Kate coyle (verified owner)

    Excellent product, does exactly as promised. Service excellent. Tricky first few times but easy thereafter. Was a godsend on holidays. Thanks drypro!

  15. Laura Mc Namara (verified owner)

    Bought this product when my 6 year old broke her wrist. Absolutely fantastic coverage. Pool beach bath and not a drop on the cast. I would definitely recommend this for anyone.

  16. Paul (verified owner)

    Ordered Drypro when our daughter fractured her arm 2 weeks before we were due to fly out to Portugal. Unit arrived the next day -but when we fitted it -it was too large (my child has a skinny arm !!). I contacted James in Drypro and assured us we could return the unit -and we ordered the smaller one which fitted perfectly. It certainly saved our holiday as Cliodhna could swim in the pool and sea without her cast getting wet. It even stood up to the pressure of all the slides in the Waterpark – so she did not miss out on any of the fun. Having seen other cast covers-I’ld certainly say this is probably the best one out there.

  17. Daniel (verified owner)

    Great product,super fast delivery.Really helpful when inquiring by phone.
    Our Nearly 6 year old son broke his forearm a few weeks before our sun holiday in Lanzarote and this product was a saviour.
    He jump into the pool and swim till his heart content he was even able to go on watersides in a waterpark.
    If you want something to cover your cast look no further than this product I would highly recommend it.
    As other reviewers say and is recommended on the product instructions I would advise to give not leaving it on too long each time.
    I’d give it 6 stars if I could.

  18. michael (verified owner)

    Excellent product and was a saviour on our recent family holiday to hot hot Italy where not going into the pool was not going to be option for our 7 year old son with fractured wrist .Excellent delivery and ordering service too .One thing to watch for is not to leave it on too long as tight end marked his arm initially but we then took it off for while during the day to give arm a rest and marking went away as days went on .Would highly recommend this product as does as it says

  19. Bill Holmes (verified owner)

    My son broke his wrist a week before we went on holiday we found dryPro easily on the net and ordered online, we had issues with the delivery (need to get new couriers drypro) but luckily we got it in time. At first my teenage son was reluctant to wear it as it was very tight on his arm and as he said himself it looked like a flipper ๐Ÿ˜€ but we brought it to Italy anyway and it really saved his holidays as he would have been miserable had he not been able to enjoy the pool like his brother and sister. The only things to watch is that firstly to ensure enough air is sucked out to be comfortable but not to allow in water (don’t trust your younger teenager to do this as we had a few leaks as he put it on himself) and use it in 30/40 bursts as it can hurt a bit after that. I would say while its a universal product that can fit a variety of casts I think my son would have preferred less waist rubber on the end as he was very self concious even to do a small or large width one could be useful and also in a more neutral colour than blue but thats nit picking. We were asked twice on holidays where we got it by parents who’s child had hurt their arms while on the camp site. Overall I would recommend though if tight for time delivery try buying and fitting in a local supplier ideally.

  20. Orlaith Hopkins

    After our 8 year old daughter dislocated her elbow whilst playing in the school yard, we were told that she would have to wear a cast for 5 weeks. I trawled the net for something practical to cover her arm and was delighted to find DryPro.

    We are delighted with how it does exactly what you claim it does and she has been able to shower and swim without any fear of the cast getting wet.
    Thank you!

  21. Raf (verified owner)

    Great idea, well made, fast delivery. Very strong material, thus very hard to put on our daughter. Did the job once we got it on.

  22. Peter (verified owner)

    The Large Half Arm is wonderful – it does just what it says. A simple device that is easy to use. The delivery service was just as good – ordered online Saturday afternoon and delivered to Southern Spain 4pm on Tuesday. Thank you very much

  23. Margaret mc Elroy (verified owner)

    Brilliant just home from Spain and my son was able to go into the pool and enjoy himself. We would have been lost without it.

  24. trish o dea (verified owner)

    Absolutely brilliant product, my 12 yr old son was able to swim and go on all the rides at the waterpark. Holiday would have been a disaster otherwise ๐Ÿ™‚

  25. Eleanor (verified owner)

    We purchased the Drypro for our daughter. Although we have had to return the product unused due to unforeseen circumstances, we did however, find the service we received, prompt, efficient and very professional. We would highly recommend this company.

  26. Cormac Downes (verified owner)

    I bought your product for my daughter who broke her wrist a week before going on a family holiday to spain, and thankfully for the rest of the family it was a 100% success. She could swim to her hearts content, diving and doing all the other water activities that kids do on holidays with no concern for getting wet. Thank you from all of us, you made our holiday possible.

  27. Chris Stillman (verified owner)

    My wife broke her arm a few weeks ago,and was dismayed that she had to keep the cast dry for 6 weeks. Showers, hair washing and household activities seemed impossible, but she was told about your drypro products. She ordered an arm cover on Friday which arrived on Monday, and she has been able to carry on as normal. A great success.

  28. Julie Parry (verified owner)

    My 6 year old daughter broke her arm 10 days before we were due to go on holiday abroad for 2 weeks…panic. Having been given some leaflets at hospital I did some further research and ordered a Dry Pro cover through their Irish web site due to having none in stock in the UK. The cover arrived 2 days later as promised and as other reviewers have mentioned the 1st couple of days in the pool I was checking to see if all OK. I did not need to worry my daughter had a fantastic time, swimming in the pool, water parks and snorkelling in the sea. I can’t thank/praise Dry Pro enough for saving our holiday and would thoroughly recommend them to anyone.
    Julie Parry
    (A very relieved Mum with a happy daughter)

  29. Anna (verified owner)

    My daughter fractured her elbow at the start of the summer and was told she’d been in a full-arm cast for 6 weeks. We were due to go on holidays a few weeks later and had been planning on spending lots of time in water parks and swimming pools. So we decided to buy a DryPro cast protector. We tried it out in the shower before we left, and it worked fine. However, when we went on holidays, it took a massive leap of faith on my part to allow my daughter into the pool with it on. Despite all the reviews I’d read online, I just didn’t believe that it would be able to withstand complete submersion in water. As soon as my daughter jumped into the pool, I rushed over to check if her cast had gone soft. And of course, it hadn’t! Once we had that first trip to the pool under our belts, there was nothing our daughter didn’t/couldn’t do on holidays. She went down water slides, dived into pools…. nothing was a problem. We are so delighted that we bought one. We would’ve had a very different holiday and a very unhappy child without it. Lastly, it may seem very difficult to put on at first, but it gets so much easier with practice. Also, my daughter complained initially that it was very tight and painful to wear. But she got used to that and by the 3rd time didn’t complain at all about having to wear it. So yes, to sum up…. it’s easy to use and it really does work :-))

  30. oliver heavey

    I suffer with ulcers on the bottom of my foot which have to be kept dry. Usually I just put a plastic bag and some tape on it but that never worked. The drypro half leg is a God send, now I bathe and swim without fear of my foot getting wet, brilliant find and much appreciated. 2 days from ordering to my door, excellent service and without hesitation recommend drypro!!!!!!

  31. Dominick (verified owner)

    Our 9 nine year boy broke his lower arm a week before we went on holidays and was in a cast up to above his eldow. We considered cancelling as we thought that he would be totally restricted and wouldn’t enjoy it. DryPro Small Full Arm Cast Cover worked brilliantly. He was able to swim and snorkel as much as he liked and with absolutely no discomfort. The cover was easy to fit and he was able to pump the air out to his own comfort level and create the perfect seal around his upper arm. I recommend DryPro without hesitation.

  32. Katy (verified owner)

    I would highly recommend this product, my 9 yr old daughter broke her wrist a week before we were due to go away and was devastated to think that she wouldn’t be able to go in the pool but we found this product on line and it worked even better than we thought it would. Her cast stayed bone dry and she was able to dive and jump in the pool and swim normally for hours in it. It’s a little tricky to get on and off but once on it is completely waterproof and doesn’t restrict the child from doing anything in the water. We also used it down at the beach, it protected her cast from the sand and she was able to happily jump around in the waves and body board aswell! It was a big success for our holiday!

  33. Jason McLeod (verified owner)

    Hi I have recently broken my hand and have it in a cast. I purchased an arm cover from DryPro Ireland. The Product works it keeps your cast dry whilst swimming and in the Shower. We Had a Problem with the delivery with the Post, and the people at DryPro met me with another arm cover the same day and they were extremely prompt in answering emails and made sure i got back exercising. A very good experience Jason

  34. Grainne Howard

    I would highly recommend this product and its Irish distributors. We found this product to be extremely useful. My son broke his hand and he was able to swim while on holidays. We also found the staff at Dry Pro Ireland to be extremely helpful and the product arrived in the post very fast.

  35. Harry Hill (verified owner)

    My 7 year old son broke his arm 4 days before we were due to go on holidays and we thought we would have to keep him out of the pool. However we have just returned from holidays yesterday and having bought a drypro before we left my son took a full part in all water activities including swimming, diving into the pool, all waterslides and also showering. Not a drop of water got onto his cast, it was, as the manufacturers claim, 100% water proof. Thanks to the efficiency of delivery before we went the Drypro rescued our holiday. I genuinely recommend it for keeping a cast perfectly dry.

  36. Deirdre (verified owner)

    Our Son fractured his arm in school just before our holidays. He was told by the Doctors that he wouldn’t be able to swim and he was very upset. I checked in a pharmacy for a product that might enable him to swim and again they advised me that there was no way he would be able to swim with a cast. Then I went online and discovered your product. It was absolutely fantastic and Our son had the best holiday ever. He was able to swim and stayed playing the the pools for hours. He went down waterslides and wave pools and his cast remained completely dry. Thanks so much for a wonderful product.

  37. Chris

    We recently bought your product (FA-12) and couldn’t be happier!!!

    After our 5 year old daughter, Lucie, dislocated her elbow whilst playing in the school yard, we were told that she would have to wear a cast for 3 weeks. Any other Irish summer we would probably have just kept her out of the bath while washing her but, as it happened just as we were having the best weather we’ve had in years, it didn’t seem fair to exclude her from the trips to the beach and the pool. I trawled the net for something practical to cover her arm and was delighted to find DryPro.

    We are delighted with how it does exactly what you claim it does and Lucie has been able to shower and swim without any fear of the cast getting wet.

    Keep up the good work,

    Chris Barry
    (A very satisfied customer)

  38. Alan L (verified owner)

    Fantastic product, I used this to cover my wrist cast during holidays and was swimming with it everyday with no problems at all. I had a separate product for showering which basically stopped the blood flow in your arm so also used the drypro in the shower. The service was above and beyond, the drypro got delivered to my neighbour (by post man) without me knowing so didn’t think I’d have it in time from my flight but I called and Mairead kindly drove out of her way with a 2nd drypro to hand deliver it to me in time for my holidays, thanks Mairead. ๐Ÿ™‚

  39. Jo Leonti (verified owner)

    Excellent product. Allowed my teenage son to carry on with swimming and outdoor sports…and the washing up ! Thank you !

  40. Frances (verified owner)

    Fantastic. It saved a holiday to the Caribbean . My teenage son was able to go snorkelling and swimming . It is tight when on , but when in the water and having fun he soon forgot about that.
    I can highly recommend it. They should be on offer at the hospital . My chemist had never seen anything like it .

  41. Lizzi (verified owner)

    The Dry-Pro worked perfectly. I used it until my wounds had healed – it was great to be able to go swimming when so many other activities were not possible. I’m taking it to show my physiotherapist so if you get more orders from Leeds it will probably be due to Kristina!

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