Crutch Grips


Here at DryPro, we hear time and time again how your crutches often make your hands hurt even more than the reason you are using crutches in the first place.
This seems pretty crazy to us and drove us to find the best solution available.

The Oarsome Crutch Grips are ingeniously engineered to work with your hands on the crutches, the most important, but most painful point of contact. Acting as your shock absorber, the Oarsome Grips compress when you put your weight on them, taking the strain for you, and then quietly return to their original position ready to take the strain again for you when you take your next step.

The Oarsome Crutch Grips sit over the top of your troublesome crutch handles, once fitted properly, your hands will start their journey to happiness again!
We are very proud that the Oarsome Crutch Grips are the only antibacterial hand grips on the market, this means confidence and peace of mind for you and your hands.

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