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DryPro is the only cast cover with a vacuum seal – So it’s the only one that ensures your leg remains 100% dry.

No other product on the market gives you the DryPro vacuum seal technology, ensuring a completely airtight fit, so good it can’t even be pulled off your leg.

With a DryPro, you can relax while taking a long soak in the bath, enjoy your regular shower, take your usual swim in the pool or like so many of our customers, save your Summer holidays.

The DryPro Waterproof Cast Cover is the American made global market leader and has been trusted all over the world for more than 20 years. Our patented vacuum seal ensures that not a drop of water gets in and your cast or bandage stays completely dry.

Available in many sizes, to suit both kids and adults, the DryPro waterproof cast cover is made from durable, surgical grade rubber that will not rip or tear.

Easy to put on and easy to take off again, DryPro lets you maintain your usual routine, safe in the knowledge that your cast, bandage or dressing will remain completely dry and alleviates the fear of a return hospital visit, which can so often happen with other brands.

Using the detachable hand held pump, you pump the air out and the vacuum seal is so safe that you can submerge your leg completely without any risk, you can even swim in the pool or jump in the sea.

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Measure the circumference of the arm or leg right above the cast. (If the end of the cast is very near the elbow, measure mid bicep or mid thigh).

Do not measure around the cast! Measure around the skin.


Measure from the tip of the middle finger (or the bottom of the heel) to the top of the cast. It is ok if the cast protector measurement is longer than the limb measurement, the protector will still work. Extra length will be removed when the vacuum seal is created.

According to the measurements you entered, we recommend:
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Leg Cast Cover Leg Circumference (cm) Leg Length (cm)
Small Half Leg (HL-13) 25 – 33 53
Large Half Leg (HL-15) 33 + 60
X – Small Full Leg (FL-12) 19 – 28 48
Small Full Leg (FL-14) 35 – 41 74
Medium Full Leg (FL-16) 41 – 53 83
Large Full Leg (FL-18) 53 + 94

37 reviews for Leg Covers

  1. Padraig Sheahan (verified owner)

    Great product and fast delivery. I would highly recommend this product.

  2. Olivia (verified owner)

    Excellent so worth it, I was sick of not being able to go sea swimming while getting treatment for a Verruca – this solves the problem. 100% water proof even in the very cold sea and also for longer swims in the pool. Easy to use and clean. Great product

  3. drypro

    I bought a dry pro many years ago (at least 5!) I have a permanent condition called CRPS affecting my left leg. Any exposure to cold triggers indescribable amounts of pain, which can last for several days. But… I love to swim. I wear the boot over seven layers of thick wool socks & fleece boot liners, and it is so far beyond my expectations. I have swum in cold pools, but also in the Irish Sea, and have been in achill the past 2 weeks, in frigid water, but wearing the socks under my dry pro, and then my 6m wetsuit, and I’ve been happily un the water for hours. It means that I can play with my boys, the normal me, with a working body. I can’t tell you how valuable that is, for all of us.

    Thank you for giving me a way to be myself.

    Best, Mya

    Ps- I took a picture of myself in the boot & wetsuit, in keem bay. You’re welcome to use it, or to ask me to tell my story if it would ever be helpful. I honestly couldn’t recommend a product more heartily.

  4. david richards (verified owner)

    My daughter broke her ankle playing rugby. We had already invested in a DryPro arm cover in the past for my son who broke his arm. It was a no brainer to invest in the leg one on this occasion as it is such a great product, easy to put on and remove with the air extraction feature. Would highly reccomend this product. Next day delivery was great too !

  5. Lydia (verified owner)

    Worked great over a full leg brace – abit of confusion with sizes but worked great ?

  6. Una (verified owner)

    I saw this product advertised on a notice board in Tallaght Hospital & took a picture with my phone.
    It’s a wonderful product & I have used it after knee replacement surgery to keep,stitches dry when showering.
    I highly recommend it because it does what it says on the tin !
    Wonderful service too, had it next day & no delay at all.
    Many Thanks

  7. Norma (verified owner)

    I just had a varicose vein operation so have a bandaged leg. I bought the Drypro for full leg. It works a treat. I can shower easily and the bandages are dry. Happy days!!

  8. Margaret Smyth (verified owner)

    I bought DryPro online and it was delivered the next day! It is a fantadtic product. I have been in a cast for six weeks for tendon transfer surgery and the DryPro has been a godsend – so much so that when I go back to see my Consultant in Santry Sports Clinic next week I am going to tell him to advise his patients who need casts to invest in one!!!! I was able to shower and have baths because of this incredible product! I would HIGHLY RECOMMENT drypro!

  9. Alan (verified owner)

    Very good service and product. Works perfectly and gets rid of all the tape and plastic bags.

  10. Susan Reed (verified owner)

    I’m really pleased with this product. I fractured my ankle just before a holiday in France. It arrived on time in the middle of nowhere and I swam daily. Really easy to get on and off and its completely watertight. A great product I can’t recommend it highly enough.

  11. Sharon Mcdermott (verified owner)

    I just purchased the half leg Drypro for my holidays as I have a venous leg ulcer for many years so I cannot swim in a pool which is awkward and annoying as we have a villa with private pool so it’s on my door step teasing me on these hot days. I was recommended Drypro by a pharmacy in Cork…I ordered online and it was delivered the next day. I am currently on holiday and using my Drypro a few times a day. I have used many other products over the past 15 years which either tear or leak so this is an amazing product which is strong, simple to use (getting on & off) and is completely waterproof! I am delighted I made the purchase and would strongly recommend it to anyone in the same situation. Go Drypro !

  12. Eimear Loparco (verified owner)

    This product was a life saver! My daughter broke her ankle 10 days before we were going on holiday. She used it daily in the pool for 30-40 minutes each time. She loved it and it was definitely a conversation starter with the others at the pool 🙂

  13. Rachael Reid (verified owner)

    Bought this for my Mother who recently broke her leg but is in a full cast and she is large lady and the doctors and nurses in hospital were amazed by this. It was simple to use and it was waterproof !!! I’m so delighted I found your site and bought it and I was able to just pick it up in Finglas. I have been recommending this to everyone and as such, the nursing home my Mother was in has decided to buy them. Thanks again

  14. Patricia Deane (verified owner)

    With full leg cast with very little space between top of cast and top of leg trying to secure plastic bags would have been a nightmare! The DryPro was easy enough to put on even for an arthritic 70 year old. First couple of times I needed assistance getting it off but now even that is achievable on my own.
    If it wasn’t for the weight of the cast I’m sure the cover would enable swimming with no problem of leakage. Wouldn’t want to be weighted to bottom of pool though.
    The joy of being able to shower thoroughly with no fear of getting cast wet more than justifies the reasonable price.
    Couldn’t recommend highly enough! Absolute lifesaver!

  15. Miriam (verified owner)

    Bought this for my mother who has very bad Arthritis
    She was finding it hard to shower as she has ulcers and meant to keep the dressings dry
    Well all i can say is that she was over the moon to be able to shower without getting her dressings wet
    Thank you

  16. Paul O Neill (verified owner)

    Excellent product, just spent a week in Gran Canaria with my 10 year daughter whose leg was in plaster(fractured kneecap). It made her holiday as she could swim in the pool with this on. I would recommended this product

  17. Kim O’Dea (verified owner)

    Amazing product. Easy to use; secure in knowledge your cast will keep dry. Cover dries quickly and is easy to store. Customer service were very helpful .

  18. Denise (verified owner)

    Best money spent !
    Could not be without this so handy and has made my 1 legged life so much easier !!
    Get one if your in need you won’t look back .
    Kind regards

  19. Elaine McCluskey (verified owner)

    Excellent product, daughter has full cast on leg and this kept her bone dry. Would highly recommend this product

  20. Conor (verified owner)

    Great product. Made it possible to have baths and showers after ankle surgery with much more ease than I could have hoped for before coming across the product. Never even had a leak so kept the cast from getting itchy. Well worth the small investment and very quick delivery. Serious find from my girlfriend.

  21. Cora (verified owner)

    Fantastic product. My hubbie using it daily.. easy to put on and take off. The non slip sole is very reassuring when hobbling around the shower.

  22. Fiona mc goldrick

    This is a great product. After ankle surgery in the hospital I tried to shower with just plastic bags covering my leg… It was really difficult and stressful. Now I can enjoy my shower and take my time … The cover is quite stretchy so I have no problem getting it over my quite big cast.. And it is still watertight around my knee. Well done.

  23. Máirín Ní Chéileachair

    My Dad, in his 70’s used the legcover after injuring his foot. He is a daily swimmer and was really upset when he was told that he could not swim until his injury had healed, the leg-cover solved this problem and he was able to swim daily . He had no difficulty in using the leg cover and his wound remained completely dry. Many thanks, an excellent product which we would recommend to anyone.

  24. Jacoba Louw (verified owner)

    Quick delivery within 72 hours from Dublin to Belgium. Excellent customer service! Used it for 2 weeks for our 2 year old with a lower leg cast. Worked a lot better than other products on the market. Easy to use, the cast stayed 100% dry. She wanted to take it off after about 20mins-but definately long enough for a bath or quick swim.

  25. Patricia (verified owner)

    I was sceptical that it would work as well as it claimed. But it does and its given me my sanity back by allowing me to wash safely and properly with my broken ankle.
    Will be my first port of call should one of the kids ever need something again.

  26. Emma Vijayaratnam (verified owner)

    Our son broke his ankle at the start of summer, and we purchased the /2 leg full size cover. Purchase was HARD…had to phone Ireland but eventually sorted. The cover was great for shower etc and for short swimming bouts. We found the cast was getting damp: we filled cover with water and it was definitely water-tight. Conclusion was that either it was condensation (Rubber + body heat + sun) or that water was getting in through the top, although we doubt that. It made a big difference to our son in terms of swimming with family etc and I would recommend this product – the pump makes it absolutely tight. The condensation was fairly light and was after about 20 minutes swimming. Thereafter my son swam for 20 minute sessions before we let his leg / cast cool off and started again.

  27. Michael Loughman (verified owner)

    I had a major ankle fusion operation on the 23rd June ’14, as a result I will be in a cast for three months. having read about the leg covers I decided to purchase one. It was one of the best decisions I ever made.I would recommend it to anyone in a similar situation.

  28. Peggy Coplen (verified owner)

    I am delighted with my cast cover. I broke my heel bone and will be in a cast for at least 6 weeks.This allows me to shower with no fear of getting my cast wet. I could not recommend it highly enough.

  29. Scott Linsley (verified owner)

    My son broke his leg two weeks before our holiday and thanks to the half leg cover he was able to swim every day. We were quite cautious at first but needn’t have been – it is an excellent product which kept his cast 100% dry. Would recommend this to anyone.

  30. Emer O’Shea (verified owner)

    Our 22 month old broke her leg a week before our recent holiday.
    The drypro cast cover worked really well and allowed her to swim twice a day for about forty minutes at a time. The cast remained completely dry. I would highly recommend this product to anyone who finds themselves in similar circumstances, it does exactly what it promises to do and delivery is very prompt. In our view it definitely merits five stars 🙂

  31. Leon Foster

    I have been in leg bandages for several years due to health issues, I had to give up swimming and all watersports I loved until I found this amazing product and it changed my life forever!

    I recently went on holiday and I was in the sea and pool daily and not once did my bandage get a drop of water on it! I highly recommend this product.

    Leon from Leicester

  32. Audrey Geraghty (verified owner)

    Excellent product, easy to use and very effective. Made showering possible, would highly recommend it.

  33. paul o grady (verified owner)

    Excellent product,i ruptured my achilles tendon and to be honest cannot say enough about how brilliant it was. Gave so much freedom for showering,bathing and swimming, it made a nice change from clingfilm and plastic bags. Would recommend this to anyone in similar scenario, or any foot cast.

  34. niall byrne (verified owner)

    I fractured my ankle 3weeks ago i highly recommend this
    product as i have been able to swim everyday since my
    accident.Its 100% effective.thanks drypro.

  35. Tom (verified owner)

    This is an excellent product and performs as promised. It is easy to get on and off. I have taken a bath and shower and just today went down to the pool for a swim. Bravo!

  36. Emma Smith

    Having been mortified at breaking my ankle in the first instance, not being able to bathe was a secondary – but embarrassing – situation. Having never broken anything before and being a complete novice to the world of casts, finding that there was a product that could help me felt like a miracle.

    The service was fast and the product did exactly what it said on the pack. For anyone with a cast, I highly recommend this as a top product. Before I bought my leg cast cover, I hoped it would be a) the safest I could get, on account of having a different base for grip b) the most robust (relying on a vacuum, not just a bit of string) and c) one of the quirkiest products out there (if I was going to have to put up with a cast I wanted to have some fun with it!). I wasn’t disappointed. My only question is: what application does it have now that I am out of my cast?!

    Thank you.

    PS For anyone using one of these for the first time, casts are incredibly buoyant. I did not know this and was quite surprised when my DryPro bedecked leg almost popped out of the bath of it’s own volition!

  37. Luke Fitzgerald (verified owner)

    Couldn’t recommend this product highly enough. After being out of action for 6 weeks with a fractured ankle, this cast cover enabled me to shower and swim without a single drop of water seeping through to my cast.

    A simple yet highly effective product which signifies some excellent innovation, thanks again for introducing this to the market, it annihilates what your competitors are offering!

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