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DryPro is the only PICC cover with a vacuum seal – So it’s the only one that ensures your PICC site remains 100% dry.

No other product on the market gives you the DryPro vacuum seal technology, ensuring a completely airtight fit and with both ends open, your hands are completely free while using your DryPro waterproof PICC protector.

With a DryPro, you can relax while taking a long soak in the bath, enjoy your regular shower, take your usual swim in the pool or like so many of our customers, save your Summer holidays.

The DryPro Waterproof PICC line protector is the American made global market leader and has been trusted all over the world for more than 20 years. Our patented vacuum seal ensures that not a drop of water gets in and your PICC site stays completely dry.

Available in many sizes, to suit both kids and adults, the DryPro waterproof PICC line protector is made from durable, surgical grade, latex free rubber that will not rip or tear.

Easy to put on and easy to take off again, DryPro lets you maintain your usual routine safe in the knowledge that your PICC site will remain completely dry and alleviates the fear of a return hospital visit, which can so often happen with other brands.

Using the detachable hand held pump, you pump the air out and the vacuum seal is so safe that you can submerge your arm completely without any risk, you can even swim in the pool or jump in the sea.

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PICC Line Cover Bicep Circumference (cm) Forearm Circumference (cm)
X-Small (PC-11) 15 – 23 13 – 20
Small (PC-13) 20 – 28 15 – 23
Medium (PC-15) 25 – 33 18 – 25
Large (PC-17) 30 – 38 20 – 28
X-Large (PC-19) 36 + 23 +

9 reviews for PICC Covers

  1. Wouter

    Very easy to put on and really waterproof.

  2. Eileen Templeman

    I received the DryPro arm sleeve in Spain by Courier service from Ireland, just a couple of days over the 6 days predicted. The product works perfectly, and I am giving the Hospital details of where to buy it from, i.e. DryPro Ireland, so that other people can benefit from having the possibility to have a proper water-proof system on the arm, so as not to prejudice the PICC catheter getting wet.

  3. Jackie (verified owner)

    Product really is waterproof! I found it quite tight to put on initially-this was due to my deteriorating nails(courtesy of chemo treatment). I trimmed it slightly either end which means I can insert my arm easily.
    I would definitely recommend it to others

  4. Joan Carles Naya (verified owner)

    Great product. Makes showering easy!!!! Increíble producto. Ha facilitado las duchas y mejorado mi calidad de vida. Producte increïble. La meva qualitat de vida ha millorat substancialment.

  5. Emma Broxham (verified owner)

    After having a PICC in my forarm for over 2 years, this is the 1st time I have been able to go swimming while on holiday and it is a great feeling. I have been using a cst cover for showering but as you cannot submerge this, I always looked like Jaws when in a swimming pool but now I can enjoy the sun & water without worrying. I would suggest that if your PICC entrance is on your forearm, make sure you lean towards the bigger size of cover as you have to take into account the cover/bandage that is over your PICC.

    In short a great product that makes patients’ lives easier. A great company to deal with also. Highly recommend both.

  6. Aoife (verified owner)

    Would highly recomemd the PICC cover. Very easy to use and it keeps the PICC area bone dry. You can shower away as normal without having to worry about it getting wet. Before getting the drypro we were messing around with clingfilm and tape but it always got damp so its def worth the purchase.

  7. Paul (verified owner)

    I have my PICC line inserted about half way up my bicep. I use the protector daily for showering and have also been swimming with it once. My dressing is always bone dry so really pleased with the product, just means I’m not worried in the shower about getting it wet because no matter how well it was clingfilmed, some moisture would invariably get in. Very straight forward to take on and off, not time consuming. Would definately recommend to anyone.

  8. Stuart Law (verified owner)

    The Dry Pro works well in the shower. I have my PICC located at the crease of my arm.

  9. Phil Horan

    Great product. My advice would be, if your PICC is high on your arm to buy a good big size. If it just fits it can be difficult to pull it on over the dressing. Really makes showering easy. Lovely people to deal with.

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